Level 3

Skills and Concepts

1. Multiplication

a. How many groups?

b. Repeated addition with pictures

c. Find the multiplication equation

d. Match the equation to the picture

e. Arrays - Find the equation

f.  Multiplication story problems (visual)

g. Multiplication story problems (words)

h. Multiplication facts 0, 1, 2

i.  Multiplication facts 3, 4, 5

j.  Multiplication facts 6, 7, 8

k. Multiplication facts 9, 10

2. Division

a. Matching division sentence to circle model

b. Division problem with circle model

c.  Match division problems and circle models

d. Division story problems

e. Division facts 1, 2, 3

f.  Division facts 4, 5, 6

g. Division facts 7, 8

h. Division facts 9, 10

3. Fact Families

a. Addition and subtraction fact families 

b. Multiplication and division fact families

4. Adding and Subtracting

a. Adding with base 10 blocks (No regrouping)

b. Cross out with base 10 Blocks

c. Adding 3 digit numbers (regrouping)

d. Subtracting 3 digit numbers (regrouping)

e. Story problems - adding (3 digits)

f. Story problems - adding with 3 numbers

5. Geometry

a. What is the perimeter?

b. Story problems: find the perimeter

c. Find the area (squares and rectangles)

d. Find the area (with units and labels)

e. Which shape has symmetry?

f. Is this a line of symmetry?

g. How many lines of symmetry?

6. Measurement

a. Comparing Lengths: Longer, Taller, Shorter

b. Find the difference in length

c. How many inches?

d. How many centimeters?

e. Estimation: Pick the best unit

7. Input and Output 

a. Output with Addition Rules

b. Output with Subtraction Rules

c. Find the Output with Multiplication Rules

8. Rounding

a. Rounding to nearest 10

b. Rounding to nearest 100

c. Round to the nearest 1000

9. Time

a. What time is it? (Half hours)

b. What time is it? (5 minutes)

c. What time is it? (1 minute)

d. Find the Clock

e. Elapsed time story problems (hours)

f. Elapsed time story problems (half hours)

g. Elapsed time story problems (5 minutes)

10. Fractions

a. Which has equal parts?

b. What fraction is shaded?

c. Matching fractions to pictures

d. Fractions of a group

e. Numerators and denominators

f. Comparing fractions (visual)

g. Fractions on a number line

h. Story Problems - Fractions of a group

i. Story Problems  - Parts of a whole

11. Probability

a. Which is more likely? (spinner)

b. Which is more likely? (marbles)

c. Probability of picking from a group

12. Graphs

a. Reading bar graphs

b. Find the matching bar graph

c. Reading line graphs

d. Reading pie graphs

13. Coordinate Planes

a. What is the coordinate?

b. Which symbol is at the coordinate?

14. Calendar Skills

a. Video: Days of the week

b. Reading a weekly calendar

c. Reading a month calendar

15. Temperature

a. What is the temperature? (Easy)

b. What is the temperature (Intermediate)

c. What is the temperature? (Advanced)

16. Patterns

a. Patterns with addition/subtraction rules

17. Inequalities

a. Greater than, less than or equal (no sign)

b. Addition and subtraction (no sign)

18. Money (United States)

a. Do you have enough? (Buying one item)

b. Story Problems: How much change?

c. Story Problems: How much more?