Level 2

Skills and Concepts

1. Adding within 20

a. Adding Story Problems

b. Adding story Problems (3 Variables)

c. Adding with Pictures (No voice or sign)

d. Commutative Property: Which equations are the same?

2. Ordinal Numbers

a. Video: Ordinal Numbers - 1st - 20th

b. Ordinal Numbers - Through Twentieth

3. Reading: Written Numbers

a. Reading Numbers to Twenty

b. Reading Numbers to One Hundred (Decades)

4. Subtracting within 20

a. Subtracting with Pictures (Cross Out)

b. Subtracting Story Problems (Give away)

c. Subtracting Story Problems (how many more?)

d. Subtracting with Equations (No Sign/ Voice)

e. Subtraction Facts: True or False?

5. Measuring Length

a. Measuring: How many inches?

b. Measuring: How many centimeters?

c. Estimation: Pick the best unit 

6. Place Value

a. Video: Place Value

b. How many ones? (Base 10 blocks)

c. How many tens? (Base 10 blocks)

d. How many hundreds? - Base 10

e. Choose the number (base 10 blocks)

f. How many ones, tens and hundreds? (Numbers)

g. Reading: Pick the Matching Number

7. Operations with Measurement

a. Comparing Lengths: Longer, Taller, Shorter

b. How much longer/taller? (Subtracting)

8. Adding within 100

a. Adding with Base 10 blocks (No regrouping)

b. Video: Adding on a Number Line

c. Adding on a Number Line (to 20)

d. Adding on a Number Line (to 100)

e. Adding Story Problems

f. Adding with 2-digit Numbers - (No regrouping)

g. Adding with 2 digit Numbers - (Regrouping)

9. Subtracting within 100

a. Cross Out with Base 10 Blocks

b. Video: Subtract on a Number Line

c. Subtracting on a Number Line

d. Subtracting with Two-Digit Numbers (No regrouping)

e. Subtracting Story Problems - Give away and How many more

10. Input and Output

a. Output with Addition Rules

b. Output with Subtraction Rules

11. Even or Odd

a. Even or Odd?

12. Time

a. What time is it? (Half hours)

b. What time is it? (5 minutes)

c. Find the Correct Clock

13. Money (United States)

a. Reading: How many cents?

b. Which is one dollar?

c. How much money? (up to $1)

d. How much money? (Up to $6)

e. Do you have enough? (Buying one item)

f. Adding Money (Two items)

g. Do you have enough? (Buying two items)

14. Geometry

a. Find the shape: Flat and Solid

b. Flat or Solid?

c. What is the perimeter?

d. Counting Sides

15. Fractions

a. Which has equal parts?

b. What fraction is shaded?

c. Matching Fractions to Pictures

d. Fractions of a group

16. Probability

a. Which is more likely? (Spinner)

b. Which is more likely? (Marbles)

17. Graphs

a. Reading Bar Graphs

b. Find the Matching Bar Graph

c. Reading Line Graphs

d. Reading Pie Graphs

18. Fact Families

a. Addition/ Subtraction Fact Families

19. Multiplication Foundations

a. Repeated Addition with Pictures

b. How many groups?

20. Rounding

a. Rounding to nearest 10

b. Rounding to nearest 100

21. Calendar Skills

a. Reading a Calendar (One Week)

b. Reading a Calendar (One Month)